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1er Emperor Tournament

Néron 2015

August 29th & 30th

Here is the report on the first tournament of The Emperor!
After the huge success of the Imperial Anniversary of Her Majesty, The Emperor do it again !

Here Imperial Banner...

... who welcomed the participants as they enter the room!
Let's go visit the room:

At the bottom five Tables Imperial Purple and before a desert table...

... a green for the east European table is the ...

... and black for the great mosque table, between the entrance and the Imperial Banner!

His Majesty Bar...

...And the Imperial Table !






And now the tables ... because as you know or not ... at the First Tournament of the Emperor, the terrain are not only placed ... but they are beautiful!

Table 1 : Byzance ! Of course, because the tournament theme is "C'est Byzance !"

You admire the purple tablecloth with the arms of His Majesty and bordered in gold!

With its impenetrable walls and round towers ...

... an original work of The Wife !


Table 2 : Jérusalem

With its impenetrable walls and square towers ...

... another original work of The Wife !


Table 3 : Damascus


Table 4 : La grande mosquée

Open ground, if there is ...

with the sole decorations : the Grand Mosque  (production Michel Gauthey) !


Table 5 : Ashekelon

City also known as Ascalon ... with the sea, palm trees and its small mosque.

A moment of culinary culture: the Franks had brought the shallots in the West after the siege of Ascalon, at the end of the first crusade.

Tble 6 : Antakya

The city whose current name is Antioch.

A beautiful city with a small mosque and minaret of another type (production Michel Gauthey) !


Table 7 : Whaloù

The city whose current name is Nothing ...

A fort...

... and an oasis.


Table 8 : Kiev

After the cities of the Near East, is the first of the towns of the east ...

The Emperor had 3 villages of Eastern Europe to lay on His Imperial tables!


Table 9 : Buda


Table 10 : Triaditsa

The city whose current name is Sofia.

And in memory of good wine drunk in Bulgaria ... always beautiful Imperial vineyards ...

We do not become tired of it !



Tradition requires ... Yes, even though it only dates from last year and the Imperial Emperor's Birthday!
Remember the helmets and swords of barbarian and Roman ...

... The bard Boris and Jean-Yves arresting a false emperor ... played by Gilles conspicuously absent from this competition ... and especially the organization of the dishes!
Fortunately, a dishwasher was at Our and our disposal this year ... but it does not replace the frenchjester either!

So the tradition of participants continues to style and this year they are made kings!
And to begin, to give honor where honor, the Emperor of kings:

Then the Foreigner that gives Our Tournament its international status : Bruce who finish second !

On the left, of course ... but with the beer you would have found without hesitation this englishmen !

Right in a style that we do not borrow it ... Jean-Marie!


With the cap seems to be the favorite player : Denis


Didier ... who will win the "black cat" friends of Byzantium!


In a "fireman" style: Eric and Bruno right.


In another style that belongs to him ... and we leave too Fabrice ... and what appears to be a cotton bud that is going into his left ear and out the other! Astonishing that boy!


Another Fabrice ... Simpson? Better known as The Prince Fafa!
And the champion of France championship of the year : Franck!


The glasses men : Frédéric aka Dr. Zhou and Jacques who withdrew from vanity!


Why do we ask with one crown : Guy!


A duo who did not understand the principle of this year ... individual photo ... Anthony Olivier in white and black!


Imperial thanks to the latter for his glance advised on the settlement of the First Imperial Tournament !

And last but not least : Xavier ...

Thank ... as for his contribution to the photos of this report !


Now pictures of the parts that do not require particular comment ...

... they remind you remember and want to give those who missed this event!



Thank you to Bruno for organizing few games of Molky... a great game!

Note that the Emperor won the one to which He has participated!

Another tradition dating back to last year, We give the cap  that rewarding the champion of France of the Year : Frank!

What a beautiful Saturday evening for The Imperial Banquet!

More casual the sunday lunch ...

... that His Majesty had to stop for the parties to resume!

Proof that We and we have great time in the Imperial City of Neron!

mainly by Sylvie The Wife that perfectly mastered the art of hospitality!

The three photos below ...

... follow ...

... Bruno and Xavier did not come three times to the buffet!


We will check that the surveillance cameras!

Didier too!



And the pictures of Sunday parties!



Best enemy of Byzantium : Frédéric

Best friend of Byzantium : Jacques who do not believe it !

and best selfie!

"Black cat" friend of Byzantium : Didier !

For the second year !

Soon he will play parthian !

"Black cat" enemy of Byzantium: Denis


Ok We go out !

Special thanks to Sylvie and standard to all participants and contributors to this report, Xavier, Jean-Marc ...

(Decorations Hovel & Michel Gauthey)