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Pas d'Quartier!!!

Tournament of the
Imperial Anniversary of The Emperor
Néron 2014

27 & 28 September


The Emperor dreamed it ... He did it!

For its fiftieth anniversary, The Emperor organized a tournament for His Friends!

But this project borned and We and we gave him life with great talent!

Thank you again to all!

There are more than 5 years that germinated in His Majesty Brilliant Mind.

But this project came to life!

Thank you again to all!

His Majesty has drafted a tournement rules straight out His Brilliant Spirit!


The rules were simple ... well almost ...

• Teams of two players: a Roman and a barbarian!

• Each team selected two armies at the same time in the same area!

• Each available in 3 army lists 750, 800 and 850 points, with each team playing each round a maximum of 1600 points! When a player plays 850 points, the other 750 plays ... absolutely diabolical!

• On Saturday, three pools of three teams: in each, a seed, an average player and a third ... who all met in the morning and afternoon.! The Emperor is always stronger than the others ... it also announced the pairings Saturday afternoon!

• On Sunday, three pools results from Saturday games: winners pools gathered Saturday for a carnage, the second to hope back on the podium ... and the last ... the third to breathe! Still strong on Saturday night the Emperor announced the pairings of sunday afternoon too.

• Several cards to change the field given to each team, including the already fabulous card now "Néron" to burn a village for this Event takes place at Imperial Néron! It could not be invent the Emperor lives in a town named Néron as the roman emperor (Nero in English)!

The room, food and drink offered by His Majesty during the whole weekend ... enerosity compared with that of his guests given to The Emperor a lot of gifts! And it was not in vain ... The emperor was spoiled wine!. to see the bottles on the right!

Thank you again to all, We are still on a little cloud!

Now the details of this great moment!

Birthday rhymes with gifts!

Therefore Her Majesty, prepares an unforgettable gifts for each of His guests:

A set of 16 dice with the logo of The Emperor : Pas d’quartier!!!

"No Quarter !!!"

It is impressive over 400 dice ....

... and they have beautiful colors (you can order to Chessex)

But the Emperor is not only to prepare gifts for the guests!

And it is Xavier who offers each two strips marked laurels and the initials IEA Imperial Emperor's Anniversary!

And as this is an exceptional event ... Xavier made ​​a special batch for The Emperor

Creating an Imperial Logo!

... which became one of the official logos of the Empire!

What a gift!

This event also saw the first presentation of the fabulous "Black Cat"... invention of The Emperor and His ShinySpirit , which "reward" the last barbarian and Roman ...

Another innovation of The Emperor : a tournament in music!

Of course with the March of The Emperor from Star Wars before He speaks ...

And 10 to 15 minutes of music before the announcement of the end of the game!

But also during the break a few selected pieces in Our and our common repertoire  !


And for a successful party it mostly takes guests!

Here the team, capped by Her Majesty to recognize the Roman & barbarian!

Another Brilliant Imperial Idea!

Alexander and Olivier are "Alex and Enak" but they still believed to be "the blues brothers"!

Once equipped ...

The proud as punch here and there ... what they win the competition!

Denis and Xavier are "Beep Beep & Vile Coyote"

The choreography is perfect ...

... it's scary!

Jean-Luc and Serge are "Dupond & Dupont" ... unless it's the opposite!

The Belgian team that gives this event an international character ... once!

Christophe and Fabrice are "Heckel & Jeckel"

They believe it!

... it's nice!

...It's like in theater school!

A trio ... Boris, Gilles and Jean-Yves are "to be free" and not "2 be 3"!

Three for the price of two and the weight of five ...

Two Romans and one barbarian!

The Emperor Gilles is he victim of a coup d'état ?

We notice the t-shirt created by Gilles ... black for Saturday and white on for Sunday with a ^personal logo for every one!

What a sense of fun!

Eric and Frank are the "men in black"!

It's nice to see the enlightened eye of the barbarian....

Didier and Jacques are "Smith & Weston," as they wanted to be the "Smith and Wesson" ...

but the Emperor does not respect anything!

Wear a helmet and take a fine air ...

... it is not given to everyone!

And they do it so well!

Olivier and The Prince Fafa are "Timon and Pumba"…

Parthian victorious!

Frederick and Jean-Marc are Tom & Jerry!

Such complicity ... it smells the end of the roman empire!

And the tenth team that plays in the kitchen ...

... but wins every time! 


And now some pictures of the games, because there was also a tournament ...

let's say it's Saturday!

The "Néron" card each player once during the tournament, can burn a village to turn into impassable element.

Here formalized by Franck

The smell of burnt seems to annoy the neighbors ...

... summit meeting : Frédéric vs Olivier ...

... the Roman duo Boris and Gilles ...

It's funny this game ... eh Boris!

... it's more fun than the Art of War ... Hahahahaha!

Yeah Boris, there are fight!

And we drink water!

... and we throw dices ...

... and we playing with dwarves ...

... or giant ...

Even if he does not play, The Emperor takes full advantage of each players and every table!

The day of the Birthday of the Emperor is also one year anniversary of the world championship victory!

You can see the trophy prominently on the bar!


... Olivier does not believe his eyes! But yes, it's the Prince Fafa return...


Break Saturday night, waiting for the meal ...



The combats was difficult ...

... Xavier organize a gladiator game ...

... We did not know that The Prince Fafa like gladiators ...

... We will be vigilant in the future!

The Imperial Aperitif is ready!

A photo session for Christophe, France 2013-2014 champion receives a beret for his performance!

He poses with the second and third... Olivier & Frédéric!

It seems that Christopher love to share his passion for the hat with his friends ....

... and maybe more!

The Imperial  Anniversairy Aperitif and gifts!

The best of present ... the choir sings  “Les copains d’abord»...

"buddies firts"

We could not have asked for a better song ...

... and singers!

Thank you Didier!

After the gift that delights the mind ... those who feast on the rest!

Well, do simple ... there were bottles ...

... bottles ...

Ah! this is not a bottle!

It is beautiful shirt and The Emperor wear it immediately!

The shirt Sunday!

... so its magnificent shirt on the rind, Her Majesty opened the other gifts and discovered what a surprise ... bottles ...


... oh! bottles!

... but what a surprise ... bottles of belgian beer!

Otherwise, there were emperor laurels  to ride yourself!
A voucher that will allow the Emperor to buy bottles?

No ! Figures! Why figurines?

Thank you all!

Let's eat!


The Imperial Anniversary Dining!

What a beautiful picture: The Imperial Toast!

And after the fighting is the parade!

Couscous home made by The Emperor and His Wife Sylvie!

Eric takes just help ... No, it jump the queue!

It does not only look good ...

... it is!

A beautiful diners!

The Imperial Cake ...

... for The 50th Anniversary of The Imperial Emperor!

And then it's time to wash the dishes ...

... thank to the volunteers!

Big thanks to Sylvie for this fabulous meal!

Good night to the happy lovebirds who sleep on the scene!


Back to the game and say that it's Sunday ... here the games again!

... two techniques front of the photographer ...

take a break ...

or ... stay focused ...


... duet ...

or... paunchy... hum, punchy!

In any case, His Majesty is pleased! These days are even more beautiful He could never imagine!


And after all tournament, the prize ...


And the first is for Sylvie!

And the first prize is an invention of the Emperor Brilliant Spirit, the fabulous "black cat" ©  for the last barbarian and roman ...

... for the barbarian Didier and the roman Xavier who is shooting!

Then here is the reward for the best Roman and barbarian ...

Jean Yves first barbarian...

... And Olivier first Roman... and first of all!

And finally, the best team ...

... Olivier and Alexandre

Special thanks to Xavier and Jean-Marc for pictures and movies!

Many thanks for Sylvie!


 Thank you to all

   Congratulations and ...

See you soon!