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2nd Emperor Tournament

Néron 2016

september 17th & 18th

Here is the report on the 2nd Emperor Tournament !
After the huge success of the Imperial Anniversary of The Emperor and the first edition of His Imperial Tournament ...

Recall tournament rules & table maps !

Perhaps Her Majesty has found the formula of the successful tournament!

The Imperial Logo on the tablecloth of the Emperor table !


Here the Standard Imperial ...

... Which welcomes players as they enter the room!

Visit the room : view from the stage ...

... View from the bar : five purple Imperial Tables and two brown ...

... in the center sand color Impérial Table ...

... But still no terrain !

Above the bar, the standard of Rome ...

... Normal the theme of the tournament ...

... It's The Phantom of Caesar!

And here the ghost of Caesar, one figure offered to each player ...

... A beautiful figurine from Forged in Battle - War & Empire...

... On a base made by Xavier!

But this is not the only gift!

Each player have a 7MU ruler marked with the theme of the tournament!

Still Xavier quality work!




And now the tables ... because as you know it or not ... as in previous tournaments,
the terrain are not only set up ... they are beautiful!

Here is the color code for terrain :

And now let's see the tables ... as less player than the lest year The Emperor keep in 7!


Of course the first, because the theme of the event is "The Phantom of Caesar!"

Admire the purple tablecloth with the arms of His Majesty and gold edged !

Great Imperial Class !!!

And here's the crazy wheat fields of Nero!

An Artistic Imperial Creation !

And of course the Caesar's camp!

Located 8 km from Imperial House near the village of Changé (Read more: The Caesar Camp !)...

... With its pink prisoner!

The Emperor Village : the village of Nero...

... The Imperial House did not exist at the time!

The village of Mévoisins ... Ah! it is the village of your neighbors!
No, it is the village of Mévoisins ... much funny in french !

...and yes ! It is differente from the village of Nero !!!


And here are the fabulous Roman houses ...

...from Forged in Battle - War & Empire!!!

And even more beautiful when they are defended ...

... By romans legionnaries !

The soil of this enclosed field is from Her Majesty... the fences from  Hovel Model Buildings.

The vineyards are made entirely by the Imperial Hands of Her Majesty !

Yeah, unplayable ... but too beautiful !


With impassable walls and square towers ...

.... The wall of Hadrian guard north lime of Brittany !

Still fabulous Roman constructions from Forged in Battle - War & Empire!!!

The watchtowers ...

...the fort... other roman town from Forged in Battle - War & Empire!!!

... And impresive granary!

The walls are from Michel Gauthey.

Ok! These are not barbarians painted in blue that We and  we could expect coming from the other side of that wall ...

... But the Anthony Mochica Indian are very beautiful !

A beautiful enclosed field well done forthe highlands...

... All the Imperial Talent!


So now the beautifull participation of Our Imperial Concubine ...

Remember her last year  products : the cities of Byzantium ...

...and the city of Jérusalem !

We and Our Imperial Concubine decided to make two pyramids, the first is Egyptian ...

... But with the unique style of our Imperial Concubine!

It is inimitable!

And beautiful ... Thank you darling!

Table 5 : MEXICO

The second pyramid is pre-Columbian  and according to the same principle!

Congratulations my dear!

Nothing to see with Our Imperial Concubine... now a cactus area...

...We love that !

A palm grove ...

... And a banana plantation !

Table 7 : THE IRON AGE


They did it !

Again and again a fabulous production from Forged in Battle - War & Empire!!!

Surely Our Favorite !

The village Iron Age and Imperial Manufacturing base!

You will of course noticed The Imperial Logo "no quarter adorning the brown tablecloths!

The farm that goes with the village of the Iron Age!

A wonder !


two villages and two rice fields ... first the beautiful large village!

From Hovel.

Really beautiful!

The little village is in another style!

And rice paddies of Imperial Manufacturing!



Imperial Tradition... for the third year, everyone will be photographed... this time in Roman!

The Emperor begin the shooting !

And now the 10 players ... no matter how many for a successful party!

Edouard, a newcomer Nero

In his own style : Jean-Marie!









And last but not least : Didier !

Absent at the collective photo shooting because no one to force him to come to the studio as in l'Anniversaire Impérial de L'Empereur !



Now pictures of the games that do not require particular comment ...



Thank you to Sylvie for menu, organization and her cooking skills!

And as Gilles ... not easy to photograph!

What a great diners for Saturday night and His Imperial Banquet!

All players are there ...

... Except Edouard which is isolated behind the back purple door!

Enjoy your meal !

The more casual Sunday lunch ...

... And finally Sylvie and Gilles on the picture!

... Ovation for the cook!

A big thank you to Sylvie The Imperial Concubine who perfectly mastered the art of hospitality!


Her Majesty does not play during His Imperial Tournament to play its role of host...

So this year taking advantage of the visit of Gilles He test the new rule

Here are pictures of the three games between the Emperor Julian (Gilles) full of Joy and
The Shah an Shah, His Majesty ... full of doubt!

As in every game ... not move yet, not routed !

The magnificent Sassanid troops of the Shah an Shah...

... Admire the quality of AB figurines!

... And no less magnificent Roman of the emperor Julian!

From Essex Miniatures like all armies of Gilles!

And there we and we see what a Cantabrian circle!

But the beautiful lines of battle end ...

... dice and cards...

... Put the animation ...

... Then it become an arrow game!

Imperial Gift for The Emperor and Gilles a 6 BW ruler with the theme of the tournament!

still thank you to Xavier for his quality work!



In addition to the trophies painted by Her Majesty to reward the first two players from the west and the east team, the Poum Poum-boy (best shooter) and the last two players of the west and east team, Forged in Battle - War & Empire 12 blisters offered a total value of £ 120!

The first two players to the west and the east, Guy with its assyrians and Anthony with his mochica indians !

The west "Black cat" is Didier!

... For the third year!

And the east "Black Cat" is Denis for the second year!

To believe that these two make a contest to be last of there team !


Special thanks to Sylvie for her cooking skills ...


...Special thanks to Forged in Battle - War & Empire

from the 12 blisters offered !



... And thanks to all players and Xavier for his contribution to pictures ... even if his camera was defaulting !